The Crossing

The Crossing Educational Center is an accredited, faith-based, high school in the state of Indiana whose focus is on developing entrepreneurs and building businesses with students.  The Crossing’s mission is to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through academics, job training, and faith-based mentoring.  The Crossing primarily serves as a drop-out recovery and drop-out prevention program; as such they contract with public school corporations to enroll their drop-outs and give them a second chance; and for many their last chance, at an education.  Several school corporations believe strongly in the Crossing’s mission and partner for the sole purpose of the Job Training program which has recently been named the Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship.  Many of the students do not come to the Crossing through a public school partnership; therefore the Crossing has made a commitment to service every student that walks through the doors regardless of their financial status.  Rigorous fund development efforts within the communities serviced allows the Crossing to educate every student and provide ongoing program support.  The Crossing currently has 28 facilities throughout the state of Indiana, contracts with over 57 public school corporations.  With a growth rate of 45% annually, the Crossing anticipates serving over 2,500 students during the 2015-16 school year and 5,000 by the conclusion of the 2017-18 school year at over 50 locations.   

Many Crossing students come from broken and dysfunctional families, at or below poverty level. This student population requires the Crossing to take a holistic approach to education.  A high school diploma is important, but for these students to be successful in life, more is required than just academic content.  The Crossing model focuses on academics and careers (job training) with character and leadership infused in all curriculum and activities. 


Academics: Crossing students graduate with a state-certified high school diploma.  Eighty percent mastery in all subject matter is required, which has resulted in 77% of Crossing graduates passing all state exams prior to graduation during the 2014-15 school year.

Careers: Students participate in an extensive Job Training Program prior to graduation where they are assigned to individual business internships, work teams, or student-run micro businesses under the direct supervision of a job coach who focuses on ten soft skills.  The goal is for students to earn work certifications, allowing them to become contributing members of their community by being placed in a non-poverty paying job.   

Character: Many students come to the Crossing without a “moral compass”.  The Crossing model was developed based on feedback from students who were serving time in jail.  Their request was to create a Family Time by having open dialog about life issues, including talking about God. Therefore, the Crossing is identified as a faith-based organization.  The Crossing has identified that students have many life challenges that need to be discuss in a transparent environment to minimize the potential of impeding their academic success. 

Leadership: The Crossing has many students who have natural leadership potential; unfortunately many of them choose to lead without a moral compass. The Crossing takes their natural leadership ability and teaches them to lead in a positive direction.  For many students this can look like leading a group of their peers in the production or operations of a student-run microbusiness. 


What makes the Crossing unique from other educational programs is the relationship teachers have with their students.  The Crossing model requires very unique teachers that understand that struggling students are best managed and led through relationships.   Crossing staff is actively involved in the lives of the students in and out of school 24-7, 365 days a year. 

It is estimated that over 7,000 students drop out of school every minute.  It is the objective of the Crossing organization to work with public school partnerships in decreasing the dropout rate, increasing the graduation rate, and increasing enrollment back into the public schools by recruiting dropouts.  The end in mind is to obtain a high school diploma, multiple job skills and job placement, leadership skills, and strong character resulting in a renewed purpose and hope.   




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